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SAAT-Allergy Elimination Treatment

SAAT- Soliman Auricular Allergy Treatment

Dr. Robert Bastress, DACM, is certified in Soliman Auricular Allergy Treatment under Dr. Nadar Soliman, M.D., a pioneer in auricular medicine who built upon the work of Dr. Paul Nogier. Allergies are one of the most common medical conditions, affecting millions yearly. They can be very difficult to treat, and the standard Western medical allergy treatment can be risky and time-consuming.


What is SAAT?

SAAT is a potent procedure requiring ONE treatment with ONE needle per allergen that provides unprecedented long-lasting to permanent relief of allergy symptoms. The SAAT technique reprograms the immune system to stop overreacting to the allergen stimulus, eliminating the negative response and symptoms. The SAAT technique is recommended for all kinds of allergies, including environmental allergies, food sensitivities, Alpha-Gal, medications, and toxins.


What is the cost of SAAT?

The initial consultation and testing, up to 60 minutes, cost $75. Auricular Allergy Treatment for up to six confirmed allergens costs $75 per allergen treated. Follow-up treatment will be scheduled three or four weeks from the initial visit and requires only a few minutes to remove the needles.


Follow-up Consultation with additional SAAT Treatment:

In cases where more allergies need to be treated, the follow-up with consultation may be up to 30 minutes, and SAAT Treatment is $75 for consultation and testing and $75 per allergen treated.


PTL II Low-Level Laser Allergy Elimination: For Children and anyone who doesn't want needles!

Using the same principles of reprogramming the immune system to stop reactions to allergens, the PTL II Low-Level Laser allergy elimination technique uses a cold laser for treatment. This is an excellent option for children and those who would like an alternative to needles. The PTL II Low-Level Laser Therapy is a 12-visit protocol that offers a holistic approach to eliminating seasonal allergies and environmental and food sensitivities while balancing the nervous system, gut health, and acupuncture meridians. 


PTL II Low-Level Laser Allergy Elimination Program Cost:

The initial consultation and testing cost, up to 60 minutes, is $75.  PTL II Laser Treatment for up to six confirmed allergens costs $75 per allergen treated. Follow-up treatment can be scheduled weekly. 

A second option with the PTL II Laser is the 12-session Total Sensitivity Clearing Program, which balances each organ and meridian system while clearing all major inhalant and food sensitivities.  These sessions can be scheduled over a six or 12-week period. The cost for the program is $100 per session. The price includes coaching and applied kinesiology testing for allergens and homeopathic remedies. 


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