Dr. Robert Bastress, DACM
Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine


What Patients are Saying:



“Enormous gratitude goes to Rob Bastress for making an immense improvement in the quality of my physical and mental health.  Rob is an extremely knowledgeable and talented acupuncturist whose work produces remarkable results.  He has helped me through many issues-headaches, digestion, heartburn, etc., but most recently greatly helped me recover from Covid-19.  Many parts of my body were affected, and it was rough for a bit, but Rob knew exactly what to do, and after a few sessions, I felt completely back to normal.  Thank you, Rob, for making a big difference in my life.”-J. S.

“Rob came highly recommended to me by a friend, and he has been nothing short of a savior for me! As a teen, I tried acupuncture but was not impressed at all, so I was hesitant to give it another try, but now I shudder at the thought of missing an appointment. Recently, I injured a muscle in my upper back and was resigned to being in pain for a while, but just one visit, and I was already feeling ready to exercise again. In addition to being an amazing acupuncturist, Rob is so kind and genuine, and it is clear he deeply cares about his patients and wants nothing but the best for them. “  -R.R.

"I was diagnosed with HHT (high hamstring tendonitis), which is extremely painful, especially when sitting. After 4 weeks of PT and a course of steroids, I felt no relief. My brother recommended that I try acupuncture and referred me to Rob. After my first visit, I noticed a difference. Rob is extremely knowledgeable; He took his time explaining the best course of treatment and was very easy to talk to. He also suggested supplements to help me with my healing. I have now had a total of 6 treatments and can happily say that I am pain-free. I'll continue to see Rob for regular tune-ups. I can't thank him enough." -S.V.

Enjoyed working with Dr. Bastress. Time well spent! Skin is less irritable, have more energy, doing better with sensitive foods, and feels better! Worth the investment.  – K.B.


“My husband and I had been trying to conceive for about a year when I sought out the help of Rob Bastress. My doctor had told me that my cycles were too irregular to conceive on my own and that I should seek the help of a fertility specialist.  As an otherwise healthy young woman, I was not ready to accept the idea that I could not conceive naturally.  I did not know what to expect from acupuncture, as I had never done it before and was quite skeptical initially.  Rob was willing to listen to my concerns and answer any questions that I had.  After 3 months of treatment, I felt like a different person.  My body chemistry was completely balanced.  In addition to increased fertility, I reaped many other benefits from the treatment.  My frequent tension and migraine headaches completely disappeared, my stress and irritability levels greatly decreased, and my skin and hair were noticeably healthier.  I am very excited to write that after only 4 months of treatment, I became pregnant with my first child.  Acupuncture took the stress out of trying to conceive.  I was so busy enjoying the benefits of getting healthy. It seemed just to happen.  I will surely use what I’ve learned to guide my future reproductive decisions and advocate for my own health.  I highly recommend Rob to anyone who is interested in taking charge of their own well-being.  Rob is genuinely interested in helping people improve their quality of life by tapping into the body’s natural ability to heal.  My family and I are very grateful for his talent and expertise!”    - Lauren J.


Depression and Anxiety

              My main complaints were anxiety, depression, weight gain, menstrual problems, and esophageal spasms.  I had menstrual problems my whole life and anxiety, depression, and weight gain for two years after my father suddenly passed away.  I had gained 40 pounds in one year, and my family doctor wanted to put me on anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medication.  I had two procedures on my esophagus, and my gastroenterologist wanted to put me on heart medication to stop the spasms.  With acupuncture treatments, I feel much more normal! I never took one pharmaceutical medication, and I lost the weight that I had gained.  The first change I saw was in the menstrual cycle, which was normal after two sessions.  It was normal for the first time in my life and has been regular like clockwork ever since!  I am so thankful for the care and treatment I received here!  I was so tired of feeling “trapped” in my body's state from the effects of stress.  I am finally feeling like a normal person again!  - K. Peters



              I came by referral to Rob Bastress.  And, boy, what a LIFE changing difference he has made.  When I first arrived, I had been suffering from severe headaches, debilitating headaches due to a rear-end collision on December 9th.  My first visit here for treatment was on February 19th, and I walked out PAIN-FREE!  Even though I had suffered daily from these terrible headaches.  It was amazing to finally know they were treatable and relief would be a reality.  Where up until that time, I wasn’t convinced that I could be helped.  I was at the end of my wits, and now I live more normally, thanks to Rob!    - K. Lewis



Depression and Exhaustion

              I had suffered from depression for 22 years and severe exhaustion for three months.  I was miserable, lifeless, and unable to cope with the simplest things.  I feel sooooo much better with treatment; the best I’ve felt in many years.  I had forgotten what it was like to have the energy to get things done and enjoy life.  Rob is a caring, great listener.  He’s intuitive and can get to the root of a problem.  I like that he offers other types of therapies.      -  J. Robbins



              I had been suffering for 12 years with pain and endometriosis.  I had been on countless combinations of medications, hormone treatments, and surgeries.  Somedays, I could not even walk.  I could not lift things, including my children.  To be able to work just 2 days per work took so much out of me.  I was so heavily medicated I could not drive.  This left me very dependent on others.  The combination of all those things left me very depressed and feeling helpless.  I had several panic attacks a week.  Thanks to acupuncture, I am no longer on any medications and haven’t had a panic attack in months.  I can now exercise, play with my children, and drive by myself.  I am so grateful to have a life I can now be involved in. Not only has my treatment healed my illness, but also my spirit.  I now have a life I never thought was possible.  It is even better than I imagined.                  -   J. Sullivan